Hi there

I work at Undercurrent, a digital strategy firm in NYC.

If you like my posts–comment. If you live in NYC–email me for coffee. Nothing validates my self-worth more.

Hit me up at matthew.f.daniels [at] gmail.com

Me, Elsewhere

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Other Projects

  • 10 Benjamins: my first attempt at PHP. It's a simple financial calculator.
  • Stock Appraisr: my first attempt at using an API. It's kind of a game, comparing the market caps of two companies.
  • MakeYourCopyLonger: An Archive of Research-based Marketing Facts.
  • NYC's Menu Labeling Law: Studies say that we, on average, underestimate the content of restaurant food by 600 calories. They're right.
  • Profanity List: A crowdsourced attempt at compiling profanity.
  • StartupDNA: An attempt to create an evolutionary tree for startups.

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