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May 29, 2009 | Comments

For the three subscribers I have, I’m taking a quick break from mindless posting to share a project I’ve built on NYC-San Francisco flights. It’s called 10 Benjamins a Month.


I’m a frugal person, and since graduating I strive to save $1,000/month. With my limited income it was difficult, often requiring weekday spending of $5 per day (i.e., cans of Tuna for dinner). But by recognizing my daily spending threshold, it helped me reach the $1,000 savings mark.

Often, friends would ask how I manage to save so ruthlessly. The site executes a basic calculation of daily spending/saving rate, something so simple that many of us neglect.

If you’re curious how I made it: it’s one page of code using PHP. Check out this tutorial on PHP and HTML. It taught me everything I needed to know. The design is a bit more complicated, based on CSS. Shoot me an email and I can explain further.

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  1. thanks noah!

  2. klein

    you would eat cans of tuna even if you didn’t have to save money!

  3. klein

    you would eat cans of tuna even if you didn't have to save money!

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