To make it here, you must have been so compelled by my poetic blog posts to forage for my “about page.” Thanks.

Well this is it–the summation of my life in 50 words.

I hate title classifications like brand strategist, digital strategist, online marketer, social media guru/expert (especially), or space-time philosopher. I’m a student of marketing and spend a lot of time on the Internet, so typically the two worlds intersect.

I work for a brand strategy firm, Prophet, as a consultant and de-facto “digital guy,” experiencing the strategic-side of marketing after a tactical rendezvous at American Express in their digital marketing group.

Lastly, if you like my posts–comment. If you live in NYC–email me for coffee. Nothing validates my self-worth more.

Hit me up at matt [at] mdaniels.com

Me, elsewhere:




Other Projects:

10 Benjamins: my first attempt at PHP. It’s a simple financial calculator.

Stock Appraisr: my first attempt at using an API. It’s kind of a game, comparing the market caps of two companies.

MakeYourCopyLonger: An Archive of Research-based Marketing Facts. No Intuition. No Bullshit.

NYC’s Menu Labeling Law: Studies say that we, on average, underestimate the content of restaurant food by 600 calories. They’re right.

Hey. I'm Matt Daniels

I'm a B-School grad and brand-strategy consultant for Prophet in NYC. I write about digital biznass, with the occasional review of Gossip Girl.

You can also hit me up at matt [at] mdaniels.com

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