Books I Read

School yourself:

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – this is the best $8 that you could possibly spend. Franklin’s business advice is timeless.

Atlas Shrugged – regardless of whether you agree with Rand and Objectivism, 1200 pages about the railroad industry gives you a great business perspective.

The Tipping Point – epidemiology applied to everything.

The Long Tail – the economics of the Internet.

Steel Titan – biography of Charles Schwab – history repeats itself.

Predictably Irrational - markets are not the only thing that is irrational. Great book on human hubris.

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin – incredible book on the theory of permission-based communication.

    Hey. I'm Matt Daniels

    I'm a B-School grad and brand-strategy consultant for Prophet in NYC. I write about digital biznass, with the occasional review of Gossip Girl.

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