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I’m trying to compile a list of educational resources for marketers, developers, and designers.

How Does the Internet Work?!

I pondered this question a very long time. Before you start programming, make sure you understand the basics. I used these guides to make sense of it all:

PHP and MySQL:

PHP and MySQL allow you to take inputs of information from people and store/manipulate it online. I’m still at the early stages of learning, but I’m using tizag.com, and Webmonkey.

I just found these tutorials as well–definitely worth checking out:


In the realm of building web pages, you can use CSS to design and stylize information. I used tizag.com, which gives a pretty throughout overview of what you need to know.


I taught myself Photoshop back in High School, and, surprisingly, much has not changed since then. I can still navigate the program just as efficiently. What did I use? Computer Arts Magazine has incredible tutorials for learning Photoshop. You can find them here.


I used WordPress to design this site, and I’d say that WP is pretty ubiquitous as a blog platform as well as a content managment utility. I used this tutorial to learn WordPress PHP and template code. Other good tools include Movable Type and Tumblr.

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