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Jan 12, 2009 | Comments

I’m always searching for new blogs to read, constantly adjusting my Google Reader to maximize relevant content and minimize wasteful feeds. Everyday, my Google Reader fills with 200 articles. I only read about 25%–it’s mosly irrelevent.

No service exists for feeding me relevent content. I subscibe to a ton of blogs/news sites that I believe are interesting. Maybe 10% of posts/articles are worth fully reading. I even hate the 0.5 seconds I spend browsing each headline.

What if I could find someone that has my exact interests, sending me articles that are completly relevent?

It doesn’t exist, but here’s a hack.

Find a Person with Similar Content Preferences

Start using Delicious to bookmark your favorite content. Then go to your bookmarks page and see who else is tagging the site (I shamefully stole this idea from Charlie Hoehn‘s video, here).

1. Here’s a list of my bookmarks. Check out the article at the top, “$50 million on Relationships” by Mike Arauz. This was a great article; did anyone else enjoy the content and bookmark it as well?

2. Yes, click the number next to the bookmark. 4 people bookmarked the article as well; four individuals share my similar interests. Miishi, particularly, does not blog, but bookmarks some pretty great content. By subscribing to Miishi’s delicious bookmarks, I have a great new content feed!

Finding Bloggers’ Inspiration

I wish I could hack into my favorite writers’ RSS feeds to find all of the great blogs I’m missing. Plus, it would be great to see where they are getting their inspiration.

I want to immerse myself in the design world, but I have no idea who writes the great content. There’s one designer’s blog I enjoy: Jesse Thomas. If only I could read all of the design content to which he is subscribed.

1. Jesse is on Delicious. By subscribing to his bookmarks, I am now better informed about the industry. He is, effectively, finding important, relevent content for me.

2. Click on “Network.” There’s a list of people that Jesse “subscribes” to. This isn’t a list of his RSS subscriptions, but it’s damn close.

3. Backtype: search for a person; see where they are commenting. If your favorite blogger is engaged enough to write a comment, I bet the site is worth reading.


Find people similar to you. Use Delicious and Backtype to find what your favorite writers are reading. Keep your RSS at <20 blogs and ~20 delicious/backtype feeds. Google Reader Zen.

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