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Nov 7, 2008 | Comments

“If at any time during your day or education the concepts of Good Boss, Bad Boss, social media, Gen Y, Gen X, Seven Highly Effective Habits, ‘Bulletproofing’, Blogging, liveblogging are in anyway significant, you’ve saddled yourself with the wrong set of priorities. God forbid, if you actually use those words in seriousness, I don’t it’s possible to truly quantify how far you’ve removed yourself from the sphere in which people get things done.”

via Ryan Holiday

I could not agree more.

As a marketer in an enormous corporation, too much effort is exerted on empty concepts (social marketing, branding, brand equity, impressions, etc.). At the end of the day, none of this matters. In the past, I’d dread quantifying marketing campaigns (i.e., create an ROI). But an ROI keeps us honest–we’re focused on the task at hand, mainly, acquiring a customer or increasing loyalty.

It’s great to create a flashy website with big important products and a ton of marketing support (Side note: Seth Godin mentioned in Permission Marketing that this fills an emotional void in all of us. He believes that every human desires to make a movie; a website or commercial is just a bastardized version of this desire). And it’s fun using all of those new media tools: blogging, facebook, twitter, myspace, and viral markting.

MARKETERS–this only works for some brands. In 99% of cases this accomplishes nothing. I’ll never forget a contest I came across on Facebook from Fuji. The company created a Facebook page for users to upload videos of them doing some stupid and elaborate task to win a $200 camera. A week before the deadline, only two very crappy videos were submitted. It was so pitiful, the program manager posted on the contest message board, inquiring to the community why there was so little participation. Unbeleivably, he could not understand why the campaign was not a success–he had used all of the right ingrediants: Facebook, community, user generated content, and a flashy interactive website.

He was so removed from the actual task at hand (i.e., selling cameras) that he lost the company’s goal of actual accomplishing something financially meaningful.

This guy had a myopic view of marketing. Think about the things that actually make a difference–the strategies that have worked for decades now.

Get things done. Accomplish something substantive.

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  • Rory

    But there's no point throwing away these concepts of branding and social marketing and whatever out, right? The point is to recognise their sub-ordinance to ROI and loyalty, yeah? 

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