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Jan 21, 2009 | Comments

I’ve got a project I need some help on.

When I started using RSS, I added the top 20 Adage marketing blogs. After three days, I was overwhelmed with redundancy and feed overload. These bloggers are popular because of their credentials and abundant re-posting, not because of inspiring and unique content.

Is there a better way to seed content for an RSS newbie? Google Reader has an interesting feature called feed bundles.

These are pre-packaged feeds for different categories. The problem is that the feeds are junk; the marketing bundle includes Marketing Profs, Marketing Sherpa, eMarketer, and Brand Autopsy. The selection creates the same problems as adding bloggers from popularity lists.

A Solution

The sports industry figured it out. ESPN announced the Truehoop Network. It is an association of 20 bloggers; each has a specialty (local team). Instead of a standard blog roll, the Truehoop Network provides the best day-to-day content for every facet of basketball. Each writer is unique, eliminating redundancy problems mentioned before. Oddly, the bloggers are not popular. ESPN chose them because of their quality and unique content, not because they were famous or blogged/reblogged four times per day.

SB Nation functions similarly. It is a network of blogs around specific sports. If you were interested in baseball, SB Nation compiles the best baseball blogs specializing in team niches and provides a corresponding feed for all of the content (imagine, subscribing to the best bloggers for each baseball team in one aggregated feed!).

How sweet would it be if this existed for marketing or business? I desire a marketing blog network, not a blogroll, of writers covering unique content that can be aggregated into one feed. Anyone new to RSS could add this feed and have such a holistic view of marketing–the aggregated 15-20 blogs are of higher quality information than anything you could find on Technorati’s top 50.

I’d love some help.

  1. Check out the categories. Am I missing any for a great marketing blog network?
  2. Know an expert blogger perfect for a category? Let me know. I’ll try to identify a writer for each topic–hoping to release the list later this month.

Example Marketing Blog Network Categories:

  1. Social Media
  2. Online Analytics
  3. Online Advertising
  4. SEO
  5. Web Design
  6. Data / Data Visualization
  7. User Experience
  8. Advertising
  9. Offline Advertising – Direct Mail, Catalog
  10. Web Strategy
  11. Emerging Media
  12. Interactive Marketing
  13. Social Networks
  14. Brand
  15. Integrated Strategy
  16. Start-up / Entrepreneurship
  17. Industry-Specific Marketing (Travel, Entertainment, CPG)
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