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Sep 15, 2009 | Comments

Just finished a new project, see it here.

Why? A month ago I came across a post on developing a simple online coding curriculum for kids.

It’s a great idea–but I feel for the marketers, not the kids. My friends in online marketing couldn’t say the difference between CSS and SQL. The absurdity is that they manage the development of major websites and email campaigns!

The problem is that the knowledge required to create a dynamic and well-designed site is buried in esoteric tutorials, books, and forums written by expert computer programmers. It took me over a year to gain my knowledge, which is only a basic understanding, at most.

To save everyone time, I’m writing a few posts on exactly how to create a basic site with all of the coding that any online marketer would come across. I created this small page on NYC’s new menu-labeling law, Dustin Curtis-style (who’s stuff has been a huge inspiration for me). My page has got everything: PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML.

Calorie Image 2

Feel free to play around with it. It grew from an article claiming that we underestimate our fast-food calories by 600, about a quarter of my daily intake.

Anyway, tutorials will be forthcoming.

Post-script: I was able to dissect much of Dustin’s awesome design using Firebug. Thanks Lee for showing me this life-changing tool a few months ago.

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  • Hey Matt,

    You're right - a lot of info out there on web design is confusing (at least to me). If you can break it down so it's easy to understand I'd be very interested in those posts.

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