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Oct 24, 2008 | Comments

People may not realize it, but our online experience is now provided by a cloud. This will, naturally, have a major impact on how companies interact with consumers:

    While there is only One Machine, there are many cloud computers. Each is a collective of computers acting as one computer. In a cloud world, all your work and data are stored on the web. For daily routines you are usually connected. Your devices are primarily gateways to the cloud.  You do all your work on the web, using web-based applications.  Common web apps are hosted email, Google Docs and Calendar, Facebook, Flickr, and most social network sites. Most importantly clouds should be invisible. You should not be aware that your music, or term papers, or shopping cart is stored on a distributed server farm. It should feel like all this info and activity is on your pod.

From Kevin Kelly, futurist.

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