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May 10, 2010 | Comments

Lately, I’ve been discussing digital marketing with co-workers. We cover the familiar: digital media and online campaigns. Or the buzz-worthy: social media or mobile.

But we typically overlook an important digital marketing world– website design, optimization, and analytics. When I mention it, I often hear:

“Oh–that’s marketing?”
“Isn’t that for programmers?”
“I’m only interested in the significant stuff”

In short, websites are not on the marketer’s need-to-know list.

The best-in-class online brands, Amazon, Google, even Twitter are web analytics rock-stars, optimizing the hell out of their sites and mining Omniture/Google Analytics for nuggets of insight.

Enter Performable.

Performable is a new startup out of Boston led by Joshua Porter, David Cancel, and Elias Torres, run lean-startup style.


Performable puts the focus where it belongs: websites.

So much marketing effort is spent on the short-lived microsites and monthly promotions (i.e., marketing planning). But the website’s user experience is the ultimate acquisition and conversion tool. Simple design changes or messaging can translate into meaningful boosts in revenue. SEOMoz has a great write-up on how a bit of research and a/b testing led to a $1 million sales increase.

Performable is creating a product suite to optimize the customer’s online user experience: landing page optimization, a/b testing, and contact form optimization. I have no doubt that these tools would be indispensable to an empowered marketer at the right company. The site is a bit cryptic about the exact product (still in beta), but I found an article that gives a detailed overview of their work.

And Performable has a fantastic blog that explains many a/b testing and optimization topics. Definitely check it out.

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  • Thanks David!

  • Matt-Thanks for the great writeup of Performable! Would love to send you one of our new Performable t-shirts. Let me know your size and I'll get one out to you.


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