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Jul 1, 2009 | Comments

Finally. After 10 months and 1 day, I can claim that I understand web-design.

Yesterday I completed a project called StockAppraisr.com. It’s essentially a reverse-engineer of brand-tags, with the incorporation of a financial data API.


Google thinks it’s small. In reality, it’s the 9th largest public American company. The goliaths of the past, like Citibank and Ford, are now half the size of internet retailer Amazon. I would have never believed it until I reviewed the stock charts with my own eyes.

What other disconnects exist in the market, between actual market value and perceived consumer value? That’s, at minimum, what I was curious to learn, and I hope StockAppraisr.com can provide an answer.

On a personal note, I set out in September 2008 to learn this whole Internet thing, figuring out CSS, PHP, MySQL, and recently, APIs. My motivation comes from a select group of blogs from people much more driven and accomplished than myself. They occupy the top tier of my Google Reader, and provide a sense of motivation that others should definitely experience:

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  • Raj

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the resource! I found your blog by clicking on your quote in Charlie Hoehn's E-book. http://bit.ly/MpiXI

    I'm not a programmer, but I am a Mechanical Engineer looking to expand my skillset.

    Thanks again and good luck!

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