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Nov 21, 2008 | Comments

In my last post, I was hasty in my judgment of Twitter.

Shawn brought up a great point about my negative conclusion: many companies are successfully leveraging twitter as a customer service tool. Comcast, at comcastcares, scours Twitter for disgruntled tweets and replies accordingly. Besides the labor cost, it’s free, and very likely grosses positive revenue by calming angry customers.

GM, surprisingly, follows the Comcast model, talking to consumers–engaging them in a dialogue. Notice that most tweets are “@” users, definitely impressive from an old-world company like GM. Forrester is followed by 3,750 users. Again, posts are directed at its fans.

But not every company engages in this strategy. Every tweet from M&Ms is one-way.  This amounts to a bastardized version of email (though it is free, nonetheless).

Should Twitter be added to the laundry list of new media in which companies should be participating? Probably not. Most companies will not have users tweeting about their products (e.g., B2B). The relevance is minimal. But for those with relevance, Twitter provides a low-cost opportunity to listen to consumers.

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